It may lack the seedy glamour of prohibition-era speakeasies, but Mounties in Richmond say they're concerned for public safety after they shut down a second illegal liquor and gambling operation within a month.

Officers from the RCMP's Anti-Gang Unit discovered the establishment, located in an industrial area in the 11700-block of Voyageur Way near Bridgeport and No. 5 roads, shortly after midnight on Sunday.

In a news release, police said alcohol was served openly and liquor was discovered throughout the 2,000-square-foot, two-level unit.

The space was equipped with karaoke machines, projectors, black lights similar to that of a lounge or nightclub and a gambling area. Investigators also discovered a video monitoring system.

About 20 imbibers between the ages of 19 and 25 were found inside.

“This booze can was far more elaborate than the first one we discovered around a month ago. We are concerned for a number of reasons with public safety being at the forefront," Cpl. Dennis Hwang said in a news release.

"Safety risks including attracting the criminal element, gambling, potential fire hazards/overcrowding, unlicensed liquor service, and the potential road safety concerns with possible impaired drivers leaving the unit."

It is unclear if police have recommended any charges in connection with the incident.

Hwang said Mounties conducted premises checks at more than 19 businesses over the weekend, including bars, restaurants and karaoke establishments.