Two litters of young kittens found taped inside a cardboard box in a dumpster are recovering at a Langley animal shelter, where they’ve become Internet sensations.

A man walking near 200th Street and 56 Avenue on July 3 heard a noise inside a box dumped beside a church. When he opened the box, which was sealed with black electrical tape, three kittens jumped out and scurried away. The remaining seven tiny kittens were brought to the Langley Animal Protection Society (LAPS).

LAPS named the kittens after the seven wonders of the world. One female cat named Everest passed away this weekend, but the other six kittens -- Cano, Canyon, Rio, Aurora, Victoria and Reef -- are being rehabilitated in shelter care.

It is believed the kittens, now dubbed the "Dumpster Wonders," are from two separate litters: The youngest are around three weeks old and the older ones about six weeks old. The larger ones will be up for adoption in several weeks.

The shelter says they have no idea who would abandon cats in this manner, and believe they would have all died if they were left there much longer.

“As an animal lover and someone in this industry, this is something we never want to see,” said director Sean Baker.

“A phone call to our office would have resolved this. Many groups would have helped.”

Volunteers have scoured the area to find the remaining three kittens, but there’s no sign of them.

The shelter has set up a livestream of the kittens’ enclosure so people can check in and see how they’re doing.

It is also looking for donations to help with their medical care.