The rescued B.C. dog walker who spent three days and two nights in the backcountry before being rescued last year made a plea for more funding for rescue organizations in Coquitlam Sunday.

Annette Poitras spoke to reporters as she was reunited Roxie and Bubba, the two dogs along with her own pet Chloe that she credits with helping save her life in November.

"I'm physically fine. Mentally … I'm having problems sleeping," she said." When I hear a helicopter… I just kind of broke down. It's going to take time."

The 56-year-old was walking the three dogs when she slipped and hurt her back in the watershed area near Burke Mountain. Her incredible survival story made headlines when she was found alive huddled in a marshy basin with the dogs three days later. [LINK]

"You don't know until you're in that situation what you can actually do," she said Sunday." You do what you got to do. You just keep on going."

Along with hugging the dogs and thanking members of Coquitlam Search and Rescue Sunday, she also asked people to donate to their local rescue organization. She said more money will ensure volunteers like those who found her can have the right equipment and proper training.

Gord Lyster, president of Coquitlam SAR, said the group of approximately 50 volunteers saw their busiest year on record in 2017.

"We don't always get such a successful result, particularly after a three day event in this kind of weather," he said.

Poitras is back running her dog daycare and walking business, but she now uses a donated GPS on all her outings.

She's also committed to raising awareness about backcountry safety, urging all those going walking or hiking to bring the "10 essentials" recommended by search and rescue organizations.

Those essential items for survival include a flashlight, a whistle, a fire starter, warm clothes, a knife, a tarp or poncho, water and food, a first-aid kit, a GPS and a mobile phone.