VANCOUVER -- The province issued a reminder for renters Friday about a framework set up earlier in the pandemic: they'll soon be expected to pay up.

As of Sept. 1, tenants will be required to pay their rent in full, as B.C.'s moratorium on evictions expires mid-month.

For now, landlords cannot increase tenants' rent, but the provincial prohibition on increases ends in December.

When it comes to money owed for previous months, the province provided a first look at what that would look like back in July.

Renters who owe payments will have until next summer to pay back the full amount, but they will be required to pay monthly instalments starting soon.

The province's moratorium on evictions due to non-payment of rent ends on Aug. 18, but most renters will have until Oct. 1 to pay.

The date rent is due in full depends on the day they were given notice by their landlords.

The province said renters would have 30 days to make a payment from the date of notice.

The October date is assuming a renter's landlord gave them a repayment plan before Sept. 1.

Landlords are required to provide tenants with the amount they're expected to pay each month, in addition to their regular rent.

An example given by the housing ministry in July is a renter who owes $2,000 from previous months may be expected to pay an extra $200 a month.

But landlords can also choose to make those monthly payments lower at the beginning, gradually increasing them over 10 months.

The full amount owed is expected to be paid by July 2021.

The province says renters still experiencing a loss of income due to the novel coronavirus may be eligible for its Rental Assistance Program or the Shelter Aid for Elderly Renters program.