Prime Rib Sandwich

  1. Slice baguette
  2. Toast baguette
  3. sauce both sides with MeatCity Horsey Whip
  4. layer 6 ounces of warm sliced med rare prime rib,(already salted, peppered, mixed in with drippings, )
  5. Add layer of crispy onions
  6. Add layer of arugula
  7. Close , cut, wrap, or plate


Porchetta Sandwich

  1. Slice baguette
  2. Toast baguette
  3. Sauce both sides with MeatCity Swinesta Verde
  4. Layer in 6 ounces of porchetta (already sliced and mixed in with pan juice and lightly salted)
  5. Add layer of arugula
  6. close, cut, wrap or plate
  7. serve with ramekin of crispy skin


Chicken Sandwich

  1. Slice baguette
  2. Toast baguette
  3. Sauce both sides with Smokey onion Chickenaise
  4. Add 4 slices of tomato
  5. Add 2 pieces of butter lettuce
  6. Add 6 ounces of pulled chicken white and dark meat
  7. Layer in crispy chicken skin (deep fried)
  8. Sprinkle in bacon (deep fried)
  9. Close, cut, wrap or plate
  • SERVE COMBO ORDERS WITH homemade Kennebec CHIPS AND CHIP SAUCE.(MeatCity Magic)
  • All meats cooked in a French rotisserie
  • Chicken in brined for 2 days
  • Beef is covered in olive oil and spices
  • Porchetta is rolled up with Italian sausage and salsa verde


MeatCity Holiday Mash & Cheese

  1. Layer in noodles and cheese (MeatCity famous mac and cheese sauce and pasta of choice)
  2. Layer in corn (can or roasted)
  3. Layer in onions and garlic and jalapenos sautéed in butter
  4. Layer in bacon or smoked meat (optional)
  5. Layer in whipped potatoes – lots of cream and butter
  6. Cover with stuffing mixture (use packaged if necessary) mixed with butter and water to soften
  7. Top with more cheese
  8. Put in oven
  9. Serve with your favorite meat topping, sour cream, sauerkraut, pickled onions, gravy, etc, chives, get creative.