The Real Housewives of Vancouver are back for another explosive season packed with jealousy, temptation, deception, lies and betrayal.

The reality series takes a close look at the lives of six of Vancouver’s wealthiest and most glamorous housewives.

Returning cast member Mary Zilba says fans should expect a drama-filled second season, where the wives’ nerves, patience and relationships are put to the test.

“It’s much, much of the same. There’s lots of drama but lots of happy moments too. Very much keeping in the context of the franchise, it will not disappoint,” she in told CTV’s Morning Live in advance of tonight’s Season 2 premiere on Slice.

In Pictures: 'Real Housewives of Vancouver,' Season 2

Zilba says the longstanding tension between her and fellow cast member Jody Claman, a haughty clothing store owner from West Vancouver, will continue.

“There will be no warm and fuzzy making up scene,” she said.

New housewife Robin Reichman is a southern belle who worked in Dallas prisons for eight years. But make no mistake: Reichman does not see herself as the peacemaker on the reality drama.

“We’re all adults here and we’re going to make our own decisions,” she told CTV’s Norma Reid, adding that she adores living in Vancouver, even though it doesn’t get as much sunshine as Texas.

“I love Vancouver. It’s the most beautiful place ever. And I love the rain,” she said.

Amanda Hansen, described as a “bad girl gone good,” calls herself a sex addict with a short fuse. Newly divorced and a recovering alcoholic, she’s given up her partying ways and has, apparently, found strength in a life of sobriety and healthy living.

“I got a lot of stuff going on and I think I bring a lot of stuff to the show. A lot of baggage,” Hansen said.

She calls the show dynamic “very interesting,” with very good friendships, but also a lot of fighting.

“There are genuine emotions going on, and some bonding,” she said. “I think it’s different from last year for sure.”

When it comes to new cast member Ioulia Reynolds, a 26-year-old Russian-born beauty, Zilba describes her as “very chatty” and “energetic.”

“She’s kind of sweet, and I think she’s funny without knowing that she’s funny,” she said.

Reichman said joining the cast was “a bit crazy” but she’s excited to see how people respond to the show.

“There are real emotions, and it gets out of control sometimes,” she said. “It’s not pretend in any way. And I’m not regretting anything.”

The Real Housewives of Vancouver Season 2 premieres on Feb. 5 at 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. on Slice.