VANCOUVER -- Mounties in British Columbia's Interior are investigating a bizarre incident involving an elderly woman and someone who claimed to be a health-care worker, but may not have been.

Princeton RCMP said in a news release Thursday that they had been notified of the incident by the woman's daughter. She said her mother, an 82-year-old Princeton resident, had recently suffered an injury and was expecting a referral to a home care service in the area.

On March 27, the elderly woman received a call from an unknown number. According to police, the man on the line claimed to be from Interior Health and asked her if she would mind going on a drive with him so he could evaluate her memory and her ability to return home after an appointment.

Later that day, a man wearing a grey suit, surgical mask and gloves arrived at her home. Police said he presented an identification card that said Interior Health on it.

Police said the woman drove the man to another part of Princeton in her vehicle, and then drove him back to her home, at which point he got out and said he would walk to his own car, which was parked down the road.

There was nothing missing from the woman's home or vehicle after the drive, and "no other known crime had taken place," police said.

Still, Princeton RCMP said they are "actively investigating to confirm whether this was an actual Interior Health representative or a possible scam."

Asked for clarification, RCMP told CTV News Vancouver in an email that, "at this time," Interior Health says the man was not an employee of theirs.

Mounties said they believe the incident is isolated, as they have not received any similar reports.

Police describe the man as white with brown hair. He stands approximately 6 feet tall, has an average build and appears to be between 30 and 40 years old, police said.

Anyone with information on the incident, or who has experienced something similar, is asked to call Princeton RCMP at 250-295-6911.

A spokesperson for Interior Health confirmed the agency does not believe the man is an employee. Interior Health is cooperating with the police investigation and urges anyone with information to contact the RCMP, the spokesperson said.