A number of Richmond residents are revolted after receiving a flyer urging white people to rally together against their Chinese neighbours.

The flyer was distributed to homes in the North Steveston neighbourhood this week, suggesting white people have been "marginalized" by Chinese residents "taking over" the city.

The flyer ends with a call to join the Alt-right, the moniker embraced by a faction of U.S. conservatives who supported president-elect Donald Trump's most xenophobic and discriminatory campaign promises.

"Let's save Richmond!" it says.

People living in the neighbourhood told CTV News they were aghast at the flyer, and would be surprised if anyone in the area embraced its troubling message.

"It's so horrible," said Dawn Michalak. "Hopefully people just put it straight in their recycling bin."

Mounties confirmed they received reports about the flyers on Thursday morning, and have since launched an investigation.

"The Richmond RCMP take all matters that may be hate or bias motivated very seriously," Cpl. Dennis Hwang said in an email statement.

"We realize that incidents like this have a direct impact on citizens and our community. We encourage people to report all incidents such as this to their local police."