It's a product we all use in our homes but how do you know which one is best?

Consumer Reports put Bounty and nearly two dozen other paper towels brands through some serious tests to get the answer.

Bounty's commercials say "Bring it" when it comes to spills and messes and that's just what Consumer Reports decided to do through its independent testing. Testers evaluated three Bounty towels, along with 20 other kinds.

There were ones from Brawny and Viva, and store brands like Kirkland Signature from Costco and Great Value from Walmart.

Consumer Reports also tested several green paper towels.

"We don't mess around when it comes to testing paper towels. Our tests are designed to show which ones absorb the most and which are the strongest," said Mandy Walker.

A machine measured how much force it takes to pull apart a folded wet paper towel.

Testers also assessed how many times a towel can scrub an abrasive surface before falling apart. One stood up to 10 times as many scrubs as another.

The paper towels are also dunked in water and then weighed to see how much liquid they can hold – a challenge for several.

In the end, Consumer Reports found none of the green paper towels did particularly well in the tests, but there were a few standouts.

It turns out the regular Bounty paper towels really can "bring it" - coming out on top in the ratings, scoring excellent for strength and scrubbing power. They were also very good at absorbing liquids so you don't need to use as many.

Consumer Reports says as far as the two other Bounty towels tested, the Bounty Extra Soft rated very good, but the Bounty Basic towels don't absorb as well as the two others.

Another money-saver is the Wal-Mart store brand. They also did quite well in testing as the two Bounty paper towels and cost around 25 per cent less.

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