The regulator for commercial vehicles in B.C. is investigating after seeing a video of a man apparently dancing on top of a moving party bus in Richmond.

The bus pulls over before it turns onto Highway 99, where the speed limit is 100 km/h – but not before several rules were broken, according to the Ministry of Transportation.

"It is unsafe and illegal in British Columbia to stand on top of a moving vehicle and this includes party buses and limos," said a ministry spokesperson in a statement to CTV News.

The regulator, the Passenger Transportation Branch, is investigating.

Richmond RCMP say they didn’t get a report about the incident.

It’s not clear who the man is or what company the bus belongs to. The video doesn’t appear to show decals of the bus, though it appears to be a Ford F550. Judging by the weather, it appeared to happen on Tuesday night on the onramp from Steveston Highway.

The man appears to be looking at, talking to and then mugging for a device in his hands, which could be a camera or a phone.

A Richmond RCMP spokesperson pointed out that the video he may have created could be the type that is used in social media.

It wouldn’t be the first time someone had done something dangerous in a motor vehicle for views – the "In my Feelings" challenge had people get out of a moving vehicle to dance to a Drake song, with predictable results.

Some people who had seen the video said that seemed likely.

"He’s doing it for popularity. Some views and likes, I get it," said Mitchell Meier.

Other people CTV News spoke to about the video were frank about the dangers.

"It’s too dangerous. He could fall from the bus, cause a traffic accident, and kill himself," said Cesar Aguilar.