VANCOUVER -- The pandemic has caused a surge in e-commerce transactions. Unfortunately, the number of porch pirates and parcel thefts has been on the rise as a result.

Jane McIver, VP of communications and customer experience at Snaile, shared a smart solution.

Snaile is Canada's parcel locker company. Snaile smart lockers have been officially approved by all major Canadian carriers.

Carriers are able to deposit parcels through a secured system.

Parcel recipients recieve a text notification with an access code when their parcel has been deposited. When they arrive at the parcel locker, they are able to click "collect."

They then can log in with their mobile phone number or email, along with a PIN code that has been provided.

Alternatively, parcel recipients can scan a QR code from their mobile device. The compartment door then opens automatically for parcel collection.

Snaile Smart Lockers are ideal for multi residential buildings, commercial locations and in retail spaces.

Check out the full video from CTV Morning Live to learn about this innovative solution to a growing problem.

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