Vicki Huntington supporters are still basking in the glow of victory, the day after the independent candidate officially knocked off Attorney General Wally Oppal in an election recount in the Delta South riding.

There's a sense in the riding that after years of anger with the provincial government, they're finally getting some attention. But as a CTV News reporter discovered on Wednesday, it's not so easy getting B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell to explain why he approved such a costly political gamble.

Tsawwassen residents like Heather Colls Wahlberg say it is definitely an election result that they were hoping for.

"We elect the MLAs to go to government with our concerns and that hasn't happened in our riding for the last four years," she said.

The Tsawwassen mother has spent years fighting the Liberal government over the installation of higher voltage power lines near her home.

It was a vocal battle and the final straw for a community that has labeled itself Victoria's door mat.

But no longer. Voters in the riding made good on their discontent in the May 12 provincial election. Barring a judicial recount, Liberal Attorney General Wally Oppal has gone down to defeat at the hands of independent Vicki Huntington.

"You feel like saying we told you so and that's happened with all of the issues," Huntington said.

From a political stand-point this was a big gamble that didn't pay off.

The Liberals risked one of their highest profile cabinet ministers and lost. CTV News has been trying for two days to ask Premier Campbell if he sees it as a political blunder. But for two days we've been told he's just too busy."

For his part, Oppal says he has no regrets. "I don't regret running there,'' he said. "I regret the result obviously. I think running there in principle was the right thing."

While Oppal may not regret the decision, it's likely his party will, especially given how front and centre the soon-to-be former attorney general has been during his time in Victoria.

Back on the streets of the riding the blame game isn't high on the radar. From the winning side's perspective, it's simple. The liberals didn't listen to the people and paid a high price.

With a report by CTV British Columbia's Stephen Smart