West Vancouver police are trying to reunite a collection of engagement rings with their rightful owners after recovering the jewelry from a stolen car last week.

The 10 rings were seized from a grey BMW 325X that crashed while trying to avoid a police road check on Nov. 4.

Cpl. Fred Harding said it’s too soon to know when or where the rings may have been stolen, and that police have not yet assessed their value.

“I would certainly expect there to be a great sentimental value attached to at least one of these, if not all of them,” Harding said. “These are the type of offences that people never forget because the rings are completely irreplaceable – especially if some of these are heirloom jewelry.”

Four suspects were arrested at the crash site: a 41-year-old woman from Chilliwack, a 34-year-old man from Surrey and two other women in their 20s, also from Surrey.

Police say the BMW was stolen, and that thieving tools and a Taser disguised as a cell phone were also recovered from the car.

Harding said the weapon should be concerning, not just for police but for the public at large.

“It’s got to be analyzed by one of our experts, but it certainly packs a punch.” he said. “I’ve read [police notifications] about things like this, but never seen anything quite like it in person.”

The four occupants have all been charged with possession of stolen property and possession of break in instruments. They are due to appear in court in December.

A 22-year-old suspect was also charged with possession of a prohibited weapon.

Anyone with information on the rings is asked to call the West Vancouver Police Department at 604-925-7300 and reference file number 12-13294.