VANCOUVER -- Police say they've been able to reunite an 86-year-old Royal Canadian Air Force veteran with his stolen mobility scooter.

The scooter, worth $3,500, was reported stolen to the West Vancouver Police Department on Tuesday morning.

VPD officers were investigating another matter in the Downtown Eastside when they heard about the stolen scooter. They had "reason to believe" the scooter was in the Downtown Eastside area, and started a "meticulous search on foot," according to the VPD.

Officers found the scooter near Main Street and East Georgia, in Chinatown, and brought it back to the senior in West Vancouver.

“Our officers deal with crime on a daily basis, but when a vulnerable person is victimized, it really hits us hard,” said VPD Sgt. Aaron Roed in a press release. “The victim served his country in the air force, and now, as a senior, the scooter was his only mode of transportation.”