Delta police managed to rescue a raft of ducklings that were found trapped in a storm drain over the weekend – but it appears one sibling didn't make it out alive. 

Authorities said a concerned citizen reported spotting the six ducklings in a drain off Highway 17 Friday night, prompting a rescue that required officers to get a little creative.

"Due to the depth of the storm drains, police commandeered two lacrosse sticks to try and remove the ducks," the Delta Police Department said in a Facebook post.

One by one the ducks were scooped out of the water and placed into a Rubbermaid bin, until the feisty fifth duckling hopped out of the lacrosse stick and tried to run off.

"A brief foot pursuit ensued with the rogue duckling," police said, but "officers were able to recapture it and reunite it with its siblings."

A sixth duckling tried to flee as well by diving under the storm water, and sadly never resurfaced.

Officers said they did their best to find the missing duckling, and the brood's mother, but eventually had to give up and take the five ducklings to the Delta Community Animal Shelter.