A close friend of Walter "Wally" Rogers, who was the victim of a homicide in 2017, made an appeal to the public Thursday, more than two years after his friend's death.

Rogers, a man in his 60s, was killed in Surrey and no arrests or charges have been made yet. He was the victim of a stabbing on 144th Street near 88 Avenue in the early hours of July 8, 2017.

"Wally Rogers was a close friend of mine," said Colin McDougall. "Back on July 8, 2017, Wally was stabbed and killed in Surrey. I'm not going to stand up here and tell you that Wally was angel. The police were well aware of him and those of us in the community knew he made mistakes."

Police also learned during their investigation that Rogers' wife was involved in an altercation the night of his death outside their home, and Rogers came outside to help her. That was when he was stabbed. 

Jang also said the suspect left the scene in Rogers' green Dodge caravan and was travelling in tandem with a silver sedan.

That caravan was later recovered by police.

"When he was senselessly murdered Wally was over 60 years old and in no way threatening. The man could barely walk," McDougall said.

But McDougall believes his friend was a good person, and said Rogers was the type to give the shirt off his back to someone in need.

Police also say Rogers was known to police as being involved in the drug trade.

Police and McDougall are now asking for the public's help in furthering the investigation and have two people they are trying to locate as they believe they may have information in Rogers' death.

The first man is described as a white male, slim build wearing a dark ball cap with a white logo on the front and a black shirt at the time. He also had a sling on his left arm.

The other is a white male, medium build, bald, wearing a striped T-shirt, black shorts and dark sandals.

Police clarified that neither of these men are suspects, but they may have important information.

"At the time of Wally's murder, we learned of several individuals that may have important information about what happened," Sgt. Frank Jang of IHIT said at a news conference. "We made several attempts to follow up with them and to connect with them for interviews only to have the door shut in our face or them turning a deaf ear."

Jang said many of these people were "in a tough time," including being "bound in drug addiction and crime."

He said police have learned that many of these people are now in a better, healthier position in life.

"You've had a second chance at life," Jang said. "Wally never got that second chance, because somebody killed him. If you have information, do the right thing and come forward."

Jang added that Rogers' name hadn't been released until now because it took time to notify his family members.

"I can tell you that the work never stopped," Jang said.

This appeal for information is being made now because of the individuals police believe have crucial information about those responsible.

"Perhaps they weren't in a position to come forward two years ago," Jang said. "But now we've learned they're in a better position and might be more forthcoming."

Anyone with details is ask to contact RCMP.

This is a developing breaking news story and will continue to be updated