The American Coaster Enthusiasts group has honoured a famous roller-coaster in Vancouver with "classic" and "landmark" status. Playland's wooden roller-coaster is joining a select club of rides around the world.

The ACE, a group of at least 8,000 fanatics of amusement rides, granted the new title to the local roller-coaster in a ceremony Saturday. The roller-coaster is located at Playland at the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) in East Vancouver.

The famous wooden ride is a Vancouver staple. Built in 1958 by Walker LeRoy, its original cost was of $200,000. It has eight two-person cars with a single safety bar.

The ACE awards "landmark" status to rides that are historically significant. It grants "classic" status to wooden rides that:

  • Use traditional lap bars that allow riders to float slightly above the seat
  • Allow riders to slide from side to side
  • Allow riders to view upcoming drops and thrills 

Some other roller-coasters awarded this status by the ACE and that are still in operation include:

  • Big Dipper - Camden Park; Huntington, WV, USA
  • Cyclone - Lakeside Amusement Park; Denver, CO, USA
  • Hochschaubahn - Viennese Prater ; Vienna, Austria
  • Jack Rabbit - Kennywood Park; West Mifflin, PA, USA
  • Hull�mvas�t - Vid�mpark; Budapest, Pest, Hungary
  • Lil' Dipper - Camden Park; Huntington, WV, USA
  • Roller Coaster - Blackpool Pleasure Beach; Blackpool, England
  • Roller Coaster - Pleasure Beach Great Yarmouth; Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
  • Rutschebanen - Tivoli Gardens; Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Scenic Railway - Luna Park; St. Kilda (Melbourne), Victoria, Australia
  • Skyliner - Lakemont Park; Altoona, PA, USA
  • Vuoristorata - Linnanm�ki; Helsinki, Finland
  • Zipper Dipper - Blackpool Pleasure Beach; Blackpool, England