BC Ferries has put a plan to serve beer and wine aboard some vessels on hold, citing delays in the licensing process.

"We originally planned for a June launch, pending approval of the liquor licence application. We are still waiting for the licence … We don't have an indication of when that will be," spokesperson Astrid Braunschmidt told CTV News Vancouver onThursday.

"As soon as we have the licence, we’ll be able to identify and confirm a launch date."

BC Ferries announced back in April that it was developing a pilot project that would see alcohol served on three vessels travelling between Swartz Bay and Tsawwassen.

According to the initial announcement, beverages sold on the Coastal Celebration, the Spirit of British Columbia and the Spirit of Vancouver Island would only be available at the buffet, not the cafeteria, and there would be a limit to how much passengers can drink.

A company spokesperson noted told CTV News at the time that staff members were already being trained how to sell alcohol responsibly under B.C.'s Serving it Right program.