The mother of one of the women whose remains were found on Robert Pickton's farm is the latest to testify that she was dismissed and treated unfairly when she attempted to report her daughter missing.

Pickton was charged in Patricia Johnson's death, but the charges related to her murder were stayed after the convicted serial killer exhausted all of his appeals.

Her mother, Marion Bryce, has told a public inquiry about her repeated attempts to report Johnson missing in 2001, but she says a worker in the Vancouver Police Department's missing persons unit was no help.

Bryce says a woman, whose name she didn't know, told her that Johnson was likely out partying because she was a sex worker.

Bryce says when she returned with photos of Johnson, the same woman refused to allow her to drop them off and instead told her to leave them at the front desk of the police station.

The inquiry has heard from other families who complained about how they were treated, and in particular that a civilian clerical worker in the missing persons unit was dismissive, rude, and racist.