Two hikers were stranded in steep, icy terrain near Lions Bay overnight.

The pair was planning on camping on Hat Mountain when the snow-covered paths became a concern. 

Rescuers said the hikers became trapped between two steep gullies.

"We just got caught out by some fresh slide across the trail and couldn't reach the far side. And coming back was a bit dicier, so we decided to stay put and call for help," hiker Matthew Beer said.

Lions Bay Search and Rescue got the call around 6 p.m. Saturday and sent some volunteers to find them.

"We had nine members out overnight in the temperatures to secure them and actually relocate them out of the gully to a safe area," explained search manager Ed Langford.

They waited until daylight before North Shore Rescue's long line team could reach them.

"We were prepared for the cold weather and had food and water, so staying put and staying in one location was the important thing," Beer said.

He is grateful for the rescuers and sends them "a massive thank you."

Rescuers said the hikers were prepared for the frigid temperatures but did not have the gear to navigate the steep terrain. They said the pair made the right move by calling them.