There has been yet another shooting in Abbotsford -- the third this week in the tiny Fraser Valley community.

Two people were taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries after shooting broke out about midnight Friday night on Newcastle Dr.

Four people are in custody, three adults and one minor.

Const. Roger Gosal with the Abbotsford Police says none of the shootings are linked right now, and it's unclear if charges will be laid against the four.

"Sometimes things like this happen all in one instance and they'll go for a period of time where there isn't any fortunately. And then in this instance there just seems to be a rash within in a short period of time, I can't explain that."

The latest violence in the Fraser Valley community comes after a proposal earlier this week to make wearing body armour illegal.

Solicitor General John van Dongen was critical recently of the proposal made by New Democrat MLA Mike Farnworth, who said he would introduce a bill in the legislature in February that regulates body armour use.

Van Dongen said criminals won't stop wearing body armour simply because it's illegal.

The minister's comments followed two unrelated shootings in recent days in Abbotsford, including one on Tuesday which the intended target, alleged gangster Jamie Bacon, may have survived because he was wearing body armour.

The second shooting on Wednesday left one man wounded after a marijuana grow-rip went wrong on Huntington Dr.

Farnworth said only police should be wearing body armour and if someone is caught in the protective gear without a police permit it would be an offence under his bill.

A growing problem

The recent spate of violence in the city has the Abbotsford business community speaking out. Abbotsford Chamber of Conference President Alvin Epp has been in contact with Public Safety Minister Jon van Dongen to express the Chamber's worries.

"We were once again expressing our concerns about the increasing level of blatant and overt criminal activity in Abbotsford and particularly the propensity of what is generally seen to be organized criminals using guns, it's just getting worse by the month," says Executive Director David D. Hull.