VANCOUVER -- Tree Canada is the leading national tree-planting charity in Canada.

It recently partnered with Oroweat Organic to re-green two entrances to the school grounds at W.D. Ferris Elementary School in Richmond.

Oroweat Organic is based in Langley and produces locally baked, sustainable bread with a reduced carbon footprint.

It incorporates eco-friendly practices throughout its baking process and it's very important for the company to give back to the communities it serves.

The tree-planting initiative at W.D. Ferris Elementary School is a prime example of this.

Students were able to take part in watering and mulching the new trees. This made them directly involved with improving the environment for future generations at the school to enjoy.

W.D. Ferris Elementary has a strong commitment to sustainability. In 2019, it was named the greenest school in Canada.

Students and staff take pride in educating their communities about environmental stewardship.

The new trees that have been planted will provide shade, increase wildlife habitat and purify the air.

They will be enjoyed by future students for many generations to come.

Oroweat Organic

Tree Canada