It isn't difficult to remember birthdays in the Brown household in Surrey, B.C.

That's because four members of the family share October 13th as their special day.

The Browns say it's a complete coincidence that five-year-old Isaiah, six-year-old Mikayla and 10-year-old Joseph all share a birthday with their father.

"I didn't have a C-section, I didn't plan it. You can't really plan having kids – they just come when they want to come," said mom Melissa Brown Rena.

"All the doctors were amazed."

The odds of four family members sharing their special day are astronomical: just a one in 48,475,179 chance of it ever happening again, according to the family patriarch, Martin Brown.

But he says the third child being born on the same day almost didn't happen.

Isaiah was about to be delivered about five minutes before midnight on October 12th, but the doctors had to stop because the cord was wrapped around his neck.

"By the time we straightened it out he was born on my actual birthday," he said.

Melissa Brown Rena says having all the birthdays on the same day is logistically easier because they share a party and cake, but she always makes an effort to "make sure they still feel they're individuals."

As for Martin Brown, he says he gets the biggest present of them all.

"It's like a continual birthday present for me. A continual reminder of God's blessings," he said.

With a report from CTV Vancouver's Jordana Springgay