A police officer was assaulted and multiple young people arrested at an "out of control house party" in Pitt Meadows Saturday night, according to Ridge Meadows RCMP.

The teen who threw the party admits it got out of hand, telling CTV News Vancouver it was supposed to be a get-together with some friends.

"It wasn't supposed to turn out to be, like, insanely huge," said Noah Chandler. "I didn't know who half of the party was -- apparently there were people from Surrey, Langley and far in Vancouver, but mainly, Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows."

The Grade 11 student said his mom and aunt were home, and they were the ones who called police when the party started to get unruly.

In a tweet Sunday morning, Mounties said the party prompted "a large police presence" in the 19200 block of Fieldstone Walk, near Harris Road in the city.

Ridge Meadows RCMP told CTV News Vancouver there were approximately 200 people at the house party. Video posted on social media Saturday night from the area where the party took place shows dozens of young people packed into a room.

Police said "a large number of intoxicated youths" refused to leave the residence. When officers attempted to remove the youths, one officer was assaulted and multiple arrests were made, police said.

The assaulted officer suffered minor injuries, police said.

"I didn't see the fight but I was telling people to leave, and people were being very disrespectful to the police too and I was telling them to stop," Chandler said.

On Sunday, residents told CTV News they were shocked by the large house party, calling it uncharacteristic for their neighbourhood.

Chandler spent a part of his day apologizing to neighbours. He said he's learned his lesson.

"I'll never throw another get-together in my life," he said. "Now I know how badly teenagers want to party and I don’t want my house to get trashed ever."

Investigators are reviewing social media postings about the party as they determine how many people will face charges and what those charges will be. Police did not say Sunday how many people had been arrested at the party, nor did they provide the ages or genders of those arrested.