Warning: This story contains language that some readers may find offensive.

A Vancouver city council candidate is insisting that a series of posts on the website UrbanDictionary.com describing crude sexual terms are not his handiwork, less than a week after drawing fire for a blog he wrote ranking women.

The website hosts user-submitted definitions for frequently vulgar slang words, including "Hoenut Hole," which user "downtownj" describes as "another term for a slut's asshole."

Non-Partisan Association candidate Jason Lamarche says he has nothing to do with the posts, though he has admitted he

once went by "Downtown J" years ago when he was a skateboarder.

"I did not post these things on Urban Dictionary," Lamarche told CTV News. "That is my full statement. If you'd like to direct any more questions, please feel free to contact the NPA. Thanks so much for your time on this."

The 34-year-old also shares a common history with the poster, who claims to have been born in Lamarche's hometown of Ottawa before moving to Vancouver.

The user "downtownj" also references participating in the Vancouver Zombie Walk, an informal annual parade that marches through the city's downtown. Lamarche, too, has taken part in the event.

But technologist James Sherrett says online handles are simple to create, and are not proof of a person's identity.

"It's pretty easy to set up an online handle, it takes a few seconds, an email address that's valid and some creativity," Sherrett said, adding that the user on Urban Dictionary "could be somebody totally different" from Lamarche.

Other definitions posted by "downtownj," which were published between 2005 and 2007, could be considered offensive to people who are Jewish or obese.

The term "covetous Jew" is defined as "a term used to describe the stereotype that all Jews are obsessed with taking other peoples money." The word "porko" is said to be any "person who falls into the big fat [expletive] category."

Last week, Lamarche found himself in hot water for a tongue-in-cheek "Date Matrix" he posted in 2007 while studying commerce at Langara College.

The candidate ranked seven of the women in his life and an eighth, hypothetical "French Woman I haven't met yet" under criteria ranging from "Is she nice?" to "Is she good in bed?"

Lamarche insisted the post was merely a light-hearted take on dating, and not intended to offend anyone.