VANCOUVER -- There is a sly sense of pride for Erin Cant.

Her last name is Cant, but in a tricky and spontaneous situation she found herself in Monday night, she proved she "can." 

“I kind of feel stupid a little bit because it could have been worse but at the same time I’m kind of proud of myself," she said. 

Cant was standing outside a Vancouver restaurant on Commercial Drive at about 11:30 p.m. Monday, when she said a possible thief came running in her direction.

She said another man was running behind him yelling, “Stop him, he robbed me." 

What happened next might surprise you. 

"I guess maybe my initial reaction to stuff like that is to fight rather than flight," Cant said. 

The moment was caught on security cameras. 

In the video, everyone is seen scrambling out of the way of the possible suspect, except Cant,

She extends her arms and tackles him against a wall. 

"I was basically aggressively hugging him like, ‘No you're not going anywhere,’" she said, describing the incident. 

Minutes later, with the suspect pinned to the ground by others on scene, the police showed up. 

The man was arrested. 

When asked if she had any training in such situations, Cant erupted into laughter.

“No. I have no training I mean when I was younger me and my brother used to wrestle but that's about it," she said.

"I’m glad no one was hurt and that they caught the guy." 

She said next time she'll probably chose to assess the situation a little more closely before jumping in.

It is unclear if charges will be laid.