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North Vancouver university to reopen campuses after 'threat of violence'

The exterior of Capilano University is pictured in a photo posted online. (Twitter/ Capilano University) The exterior of Capilano University is pictured in a photo posted online. (Twitter/ Capilano University)

A North Vancouver university will reopen its campuses Monday after days of closures due to a police investigation into a "threat of violence against a student on campus."

Capilano University first announced the closures of its main and Lonsdale campuses Friday because of what it called a "targeted and specific security threat." The university initially said it planned to open as usual on Saturday, but changed course late Friday evening.

On Sunday, an update posted to the university's website said all campuses would open as usual starting Monday.

"The university has been following up on reports of a threat of violence towards one student by another student," the statement said, adding the threat was specific to the student being on campus on Friday. "The university reassessed the threat based on information gathered, including assessments from the police and student affairs, and determined there is low risk to the university."

In a statement Friday, university president Paul Dangerfield said the school was informed of the threat on Thursday.

"We became aware that a student at the university had been threatened with violence by another student," Dangerfield said.

At the time, Dangerfield said he did not believe there was an ongoing risk to the safety and security of students.

"Violence, intimidation and bullying is unacceptable at Capilano University," the university's statement said.

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