Robert Pickton is a self-confessed serial killer, rightly convicted in a court of law, and he would inevitably be found guilty at a new trial, says the Crown.

In written arguments filed with the country's highest court, lawyers for the Crown say there was overwhelming evidence that Pickton, and only Pickton, was at the centre of an "inhuman" scheme to murder and dismember vulnerable women from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.

In fact, they say, in many respects the B.C. trial was "unduly favourable" to the convicted serial killer, who benefited from erroneous rulings in favour of the defence.

Ordering a new trial in the case would only sully the public's perception of the administration of justice, says the prosecution.

Pickton is asking the court to overturn his December 2007 conviction on six counts of second-degree murder, arguing that his charter right to a fair trial was infringed.

The Supreme Court of Canada is scheduled to hear arguments next Thursday.