VANCOUVER -- A baby otter, rescued this summer off the coast of Vancouver Island, has drawn international attention after his caregivers decided to livestream his growth and daily life.

Joey has his own YouTube channel and is growing just like he otter.

“We have at least a thousand people watching at any given moment, all day long,” said Mackenzie Neale, director of the aquarium’s animal care unit.

Joey, whose caretakers describe him as “unbelievably cute,” is said to be the world’s most famous otter. He has fans all around the globe, and has helped his viewers escape the COVID blues.

“He has become a support animal for so many people, because they can go and see what he's doing, and watch him grow and change,” Neale said.

“We get comments all the time about how much people love watching Joey and how it’s helping them through this difficult time,” she said.

The new face masks featuring Joey are a limited-edition item.

“Joey is getting his own mask, I’m so excited, we’re going to be able to see his cute little face all around town,” Neale said.