The family of a murdered Vancouver Island realtor says that private investigators are close to identifying her killer, as well as a motive for the stabbing.

Lindsay Buziak, 24, was stabbed to death while showing a Saanich, B.C., property on Feb. 2, 2008.

Her father Jeff hired private investigators to solve the murder, after becoming frustrated with a police investigation that has not yielded any arrests.

He says they've narrowed the suspects down to five people who knew Lindsay.

"We have some missing links, but we're hoping that police are able to fill in the blanks and move this forward to an arrest stage fairly quickly," Buziak said.

The family has also withdrawn a $100,00 reward offered for information leading police to arrest Lindsay's killer.

In June, the family and Saanich police turned to the NBC series Dateline for help advancing the investigation.

Police said at the time that they believed Lindsay may have been targeted by a man and a woman posing as potential buyers, and that the killing might have been based on mistaken information.