VANCOUVER -- The mother of a young Vancouver man who went missing in Manning Provincial Park last weekend says she has found a new clue in his case and is calling on police and search and rescue crews to resume their search for him.

Jordan Naterer, 25, went missing over the Thanksgiving long weekend.

He had recently told his sister on the east coast as well as some friends in Vancouver that he had planned to do a solo hike over the weekend, but he didn’t leave a trip plan.

When he didn’t show up for Thanksgiving dinner with friends on Monday, his loved ones immediately knew something was wrong, saying it was completely out of character for the engineer and UBC grad.

Early in the search, crews found a bag that - at the time - they didn't think belonged to Naterer. On Sunday, his mother Josie told CTV News Vancouver the family now knows the bag did belong to her son.

The search for Naterer was suspended on Saturday, but Naterer's mother is hoping the discovery will convince crews to resume looking for the missing man.

"They’re suspending the case because they couldn’t move the first marker from where the first witness saw Jordan, 20 minutes into the trail by his car," Josie Naterer said. "They said we can only regain the case if we can move the marker further. This bag that was found with a white trucker hat and Oakley glasses case, that is Jordan's."

Based on where the bag was found, crews have been searching in the wrong area, Josie Naterer said.

"They’ve been searching to the lower right of the trail," she said. "It would move it further to the left of the trail."