VANCOUVER -- Afiya Francisco is a busy mother of two boys who, like many, has been navigating life during self-isolation.

Francisco is a lifestyle and beauty expert who joined CTV Morning Live with some inspiration to make this Mother's Day a special one.

Because of the pandemic, Mother's Day is a completely different ball game this year, but there are still some great ideas that can be put together even with current limitations.

The first gift theme is to recharge with nature.

Nature is so important for our well-being, so Francisco recommended incorporating the gift of green at home. Plants and greenery are an excellent way to bring a space in your home to life and offer a calming effect.

Francisco recommended pairing a green gift with Herbal Essences Botanical Shampoo and Conditioner. This can allow Mom to escape into nature through her sense of smell.

The second theme is the gift of solitude.

Everyone is spending more time in the home, which means it is not as easy to get alone time. Even one hour spent quietly in the bedroom or bathroom can do a lot to rejuvenate your well-being.

Francisco recommends compiling items in the home to create a solitude basket to be enjoyed solo. If you have the chance to go out, she recommended Burt's Bees' line of natural care products to compliment your basket and to bring the spa-day feel to the home.

The third theme is the gift of DIY simple luxuries.

Using items within the home, like mason jars or decorative vessels, you can gift decanted laundry detergent or even some delicious popcorn. It is a simple way to show someone that you care with a gesture that can be easily put together during self-isolation.

The final theme Francisco touched on was quality time.

This is something that has gone up in value for many individuals during the pandemic.

As an alternative to a video chat she recommended an online meditation with Mom done through It is a unique way to spend some quality time together and make a memory at a distance.