VANCOUVER -- More than 100 speeding drivers were ticketed in Burnaby in just one week, Mounties say.

Police say between July 12 to 18, they caught 104 speeders, 18 distracted drivers and 13 impaired drivers as part of Operation Safe Driver Week.

Two excessive speeders were also caught on July 13: one was doing 131 km/h and the other was doing 115 km/h, both in 60 km/h zones. ​

During a sobriety check at 7:10 a.m. on July 12, officers say a vehicle drove through their checkpoint at McBride Boulevard and 10th Avenue. Mounties were stationed on both sides of the road with traffic cones and police vehicles, and officers were wearing high visibility reflective gear.

"Officers attempted to stop the vehicle by yelling and waving, but the vehicle continued toward the Pattullo Bridge," Burnaby RCMP said in a statement.

Police were able to stop the vehicle about one kilometre down the road after an officer pulled ahead of the driver to get his attention.

The driver failed two breath tests and was issued a 90-day driving prohibition. His vehicle was also impounded for 30 days.

During the week of enforcement, officers also found four prohibited drivers, 16 intersection violations and 77 miscellaneous driving violations. They also found 11 failure to wear seatbelt violations and filed three criminal code charges around obstruction and identity fraud.