VANCOUVER -- When it comes to things that inspire Canadian pride this Canada Day, the country's association with the British monarchy ranks dead last.

That's according to a new survey from Research Co., which found the maple leaf flag, health care system and military to be the top three symbols and institutions most likely to elicit feelings of pride among Canadians in 2020.

A full 82 per cent of respondents said they feel proud of the flag, compared to 40 per cent who said the same about the monarchy.

Research Co. president Mario Canseco said there was a significant gender gap on the monarchy question, with 45 per cent of women feeling proud of the Royal Family compared to 35 per cent of men.

There was a geographical divide as well. Half of B.C. respondent said they're proud of the monarchy, which was the most in all of Canada.

"In Quebec it drops down to 31 per cent," Canseco said, while noting there's a special fondness for the Royals in British Columbia. "We have it in our name, of course."

The survey also found significantly more pride in Canadian multiculturalism than the justice system, at 71 per cent and 55 per cent, respectively.

Canseco said younger Canadians were more likely than older ones to take pride in the country's diversity. More than three-quarters of respondents in the 18-34 age group said they feel proud of Canada's multiculturalism, compared to 66 per cent of those 55 and older.

"I think younger people are more used to this, they have been talking about this more," Canseco said. "But definitely many Canadians feeling happy with this."

The widespread support for the health care system might have something to do with Canadians rallying together in the fight against COVID-19, according to the pollsters. Across the country, 75 per cent of people said the take pride in health care, and support was even higher in B.C.

"We are emerging from this pandemic in a very, very good way and I think that's one of the reasons for the numbers in B.C. to be higher than what we see in the rest of the country," Canseco said.

"Also, I think we have a chance now to compare the health care system in Canada dealing with this pandemic … to other parts of the world, including the U.S."

British Columbians also expressed the most pride in Indigenous culture, at 67 per cent, compared to national average of 62 per cent.

Research Co. surveyed 1,000 Canadian adults online from June 26 to 28, and statistically weighted the data to Canadian census figures for age, gender and region. The results have a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points.