In retrospect, BC Ferries may decide its contest to name its new Intermediate Class fleet wasn’t the best idea.

Since its #NameAFerry contest was launched Tuesday, dozens and dozens of frustrated riders have jumped at the chance to take swipes at the company with mock suggestions on social media.

Favourite topics include overpaid executives, axed sailings, and overpriced fares. Some of the most cutting submissions include:

  • Spirit of Reasonable Fares Past
  • Queen of Service Cuts
  • The Coastal Cash Cow
  • Spirit of Overpaid CEOs
  • Spirit of I can’t afford to go home to visit my family
  • Queen of No Other Options
  • Spirit of Decimated Sailings
  • Coastal Community Collapse
  • Spirit of Government Ineptitude
  • The Christy Clark Ark
  • Spirit of sucking my pocket dry

Others mocked the prizes on offer: three $500 vouchers for BC Ferries travel, with some limitations.

“So one round trip with a family then,” Facebook user Kenzie Hanson wrote.

The outcome of the contest mirrors past headline-making social media miscalculations from McDonalds and Bill Cosby, whose disastrous results spawned the term “bashtag.”

In 2012, McDonalds launched a Twitter campaign asking for people’s #McDStories, resulting in a deluge of jokes about weight gain and diabetes.

Last year, while Cosby was facing a growing number of sexual assault allegations, the comedian asked social media to turn him into a #CosbyMeme. The results were also predictably bad.

The BC Ferries official contest rules bar any references to specific events or people, but anyone interested in entering can do so on the BC Ferries website.

The contest is open until June 9.