A 52-year-old found murdered in Surrey last week has been identified as a convicted con man who was once interrogated by TV talk show host Dr. Phil.

Timothy Szabolcsi’s body was discovered in a home on 156 Street home Friday morning. Investigators haven’t released the cause of death but said he was met with foul play.

No suspects have been arrested.

The deceased had a record of fraud in Manitoba and was jailed in the U.S. after the Texas Medical Board ruled he had impersonated a doctor.

Earlier this year, Szabolcsi also appeared on Dr. Phil to defend himself against accusations that he conned his ex-wife on a segment called “Did She Marry an Imposter?”

In the March 27 episode, Szabolcsi was accused of seducing ex Sheri Brown by pretending to be a successful Beverly Hills doctor. Brown claimed she lost $50,000 supporting him and paying for their wedding.

“I told her I had a clinic in Beverly Hills. That is true,” he said. “I never said I was a psychiatrist, never held myself out to be a doctor, never said I could write prescriptions.”

Host Phil McGraw also grilled Szabolcsi about allegedly using six different names, claiming to have a NASCAR driver’s license, and lying about his university credentials.

“University of Budapest does not exist, we can’t even find a University of Budapest,” McGraw told him.

“It has a completely different name now,” Szabolcsi replied. “If you take a break I’d be happy to look it up and give it to you.”

Szabolcsi also insisted he’d only used two of the six names, blaming some of the others on misspellings.

On Monday, the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team probing Szabolcsi’s killing said he was shot, but would not confirm that was his cause of death.

"The specifics of the injuries and what exactly caused the death we will not be discussing at this point," Sgt. Bari Emam said.

The deceased’s ex-wife, who works as a realtor in Delta, told CTV News she married Szabolcsi in 2012 as his fifth wife. She claims he also lied about being a pilot and a former NHL hockey player.

She was informed about his death by police.

“I’m shocked but I’m not fully surprised,” she said. “He wreaked a lot of havoc in my life and I have moved on, it’s just unfortunate that he’s run into the wrong person.”

Szabolcsi's death was the last of three apparent homicides committed last week in Surrey.

With a report from CTV Vancouver’s Michele Brunoro