A stretch limousine that has been lodged in a Surrey home since Sunday morning has finally been removed.

The limo plowed through a wall in the home on 144 Street shortly after 3 a.m., and was left wedged inside the house for days as engineers feared that its removal might cause the house to collapse.

Crews brought in beams to support the building's structure, and the stretch SUV was towed out late Wednesday morning. Fortunately, the house did not suffer any further damage.

The hood of the Ford Excursion was dented and partially crushed. Part of the grille was broken, the windshield cracked, a tire askew and one of the headlights destroyed. Beyond the front of the vehicle, the rest of the limo was covered in drywall but fine.

Restoration crews were at the scene, examining the structure of the house.

It is not yet known what caused the stretch SUV owned by North Star Limousines to crash. An owner of the company said the driver told him, "I went blind, I don't know what happened."

The driver appeared to be bleeding and in shock at the time, witnesses said. He was taken to hospital from the crash scene.

A box of alcoholic beverages was visible through the limo's open door, and cans were strewn about the seating area along with an empty cognac bottle.

It is illegal for both drivers and passengers to drink alcohol in any motor vehicle in B.C., which North Star Limos notes on its website, but it is not known who the bottles belonged to and whether alcohol is a factor in the collision.

North Star said the man has been suspended pending the outcome of the police investigation.

Mounties were at the scene Wednesday as the vehicle was towed out, and said their investigation is ongoing. It is not yet known whether any charges will be recommended.