More than 900 people on the Vancouver Police Department's payroll earned more than $75,000 dollars last year, according to internal documents.

The list of 2007 VPD salaries was released following a Freedom of Information request.

Citing security reasons, only the names of members on the executive committee, Chief Jim Chu, and former Chief Jamie Graham, have been released.

Graham's salary tops the list at $248,408, with additional expenses of more than $13,000.

Chu's salary is $193,145, with an additional $12,000 for travel and training expenses.

VPD spokesperson Laurel Kennedy says only a small number of constables have made salaries in the "executive" range -- and those figures reflect officers who have worked a lot of overtime, or are in demand with other police agencies.

The VPD has a policy of making all freedom of information requests public.

For a full list of salaries, follow this link.