Miso Sablefish

Serves 4


  • 4 x 6oz sablefish filets
  • 210g miso paste
  • 150ml sake
  • 150ml mirin
  • 180ml sugar


On a low simmer place the sake, mirin and sugar in a small pot warm slightly just until the sugar is dissolved. Add the miso paste and mix until miso is combined and smooth. Remove from heat, refrigerate until completely cooled. Place the sablefish filets in a non corrosive bowl pour the cold marinade over the sable to cover completely. Let fish marinade 24 hours, turn fish halfway through marinating to ensure the fish is completely marinated.

Preheat oven 375F remove sablefish from marinade, place skin side down on parchment lined baking sheet. Bake in oven until fish is cooked through and flakes 12-15 minutes. Fish should be golden brown and caramelized on top, if not place under broiler to get desired colour.

Note: every oven is different; due to the sugar in the marinade keep an eye on the fish while baking to ensure the sugar doesn’t burn. If it is getting to dark, turn down oven.