The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is recalling several varieties of Pacific oysters over concerns that they may contain a marine biotoxin that causes paralytic shellfish poisoning.

The recall covers products that carry the Union Bay Seafood Ltd. brand name, including the five-dozen pack of Pacific oysters, Mica's Petite Effingham Inlet harvested on July 14.

Five-dozen packs of the Effingham Inlet Xs and Effingham XSM harvested on the same day are also being recalled.

All of the recalled products are covered by landfile number 1403799.

"Recalled products should be thrown out or returned to the store where they were purchased," the CFIA said on its website.

According to the agency, paralytic shellfish toxins are a group of natural toxins that can occur in bivalves such as scallops, oysters, mussels and clams.

Symptoms of PSP include tingling and numbness in the lips, tongue, hands and feet as well as difficult swallowing.

Symptoms typically start to appear within a few minutes of consumption all the way up to 10 hours later.

In severe cases, PSP can cause death.

There have been no reported cases of illness connected to this recall, the CFIA said.