VICTORIA - Sexual assault charges will not be filed against a man who police arrested after complaints from four students at the University of Victoria.

B.C.'s Criminal Justice Branch says a report on the case was reviewed by several senior prosecutors, who concluded that the allegations didn't meet its charge assessment standard.

Saanich police had recommended last month that an unnamed male student face sexual assault charges.

The branch says in a news release that prosecutors have to be aware of the burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt and the credibility or reliability of witnesses.

It says it has a policy specific to allegations of sexual assault, recognizing that where the evidence test has been met, it is generally in the public interest to prosecute.

The allegations were the third sex-assault complaint investigated at the university since September, although police said last month that they didn't think the incidents were linked.

The allegations are also completely unrelated to a man arrested and charged in Saskatoon on Thursday for an alleged UVic sex assault in January.