Oct. 4 update: CTV News reached out to Ridge Meadows RCMP. The detachment said it was unable to comment on the file as it is now in the hands of the IIO.

MAPLE RIDGE - A Maple Ridge family is holding a rally this weekend to demand justice for their late brother.

Kyaw Din was shot by police his home on Colemore Street the afternoon of August 11th.

At the time, police said they were responding to reports of a domestic dispute.

Din’s family says the 54-year-old had schizophrenia that left him in and out of the hospital.

His sister, Yin Yin Din, called 911 that day after she discovered he was not taking his medication.

She wanted assistance getting him to the hospital because he didn’t want to go.

A dispatcher asked Yin Yin if her brother had any weapons, and she told the operator he was unarmed, but that he kept a vegetable peeler in his room so he could have snacks.

The family says Din had no history of violence and had great respect for first responders.

Ridge Meadows RCMP officers went inside the home to try and coax him to the hospital.

“They promised me they won’t shoot my brother. They said that they deal with people like my brother all the time. I kind of trusted them,” said Yin Yin.

She said two officers asked her to step back so they could go into her brother’s room.

“The officer, he was aiming into the room with the taser gun and the other officer opened the door. It happened very fast, within a few seconds,” she explained.

She says she heard an officer ask Kyaw if he was okay, but moments later she heard gunfire.

“Then bang, bang, bang. Three shots I heard and I also heard the sound of the taser gun fire, a kind of pop,” Yin Yin told CTV News Vancouver.

The family was asked to leave the house immediately after.

“Please think about how horrible this is,” said an emotional Yin Yin, just steps away from where her brother died.

B.C.’s police watchdog, the Independent Investigations Office is now looking into what happened.

"We are looking at every single avenue that we can in this matter," said Ron MacDonald, IIO chief civilian director.

"We’re considering all of the relevant facts, and at the end of the day we will reach a thoroughly investigated and objective conclusion."

Yin Yin says the IIO told her that Mounties claimed her brother threw an exercise weight at them before they fired.

Evidence markers still surround a dent in the wall across from the bedroom in the family’s home.

Yin Yin says it would have been impossible for her brother to throw a five pound weight because he was sick and weak.

She also says she was standing right where the dent is and would have been hit in the process.

“No weight was thrown. This mark they fabricated,” she said, pointing to the hole in the wall.

“They are plotting against my brother as if my brother attacked them by throwing this weight.”

The family is holding a rally at Memorial Peace Park in Maple Ridge this Saturday at 3 p.m.

They have three demands: that the officer in charge at the Ridge Meadows RCMP detachment resign, that the officer who shot their brother be charged with murder, and that armed police officers no longer attend mental health calls.