Crews are having a tough time figuring out what to do with a stretch limousine that crashed into a house in Surrey early Sunday morning.

The limo barreled through a wall just after 3:10 a.m. and came to rest facing the opposite direction it had been travelling on the road. It caused extensive damage to the home and sent the driver to hospital.

A day later, it was still lodged in the building.

"It looks like the limousine is actually supporting the structure right now so there is a possibility that the house may collapse, or partially collapse, when it's removed," Sgt. MacDonald told CTV News.

The limousine driver was loaded onto a stretcher and taken to hospital from the scene. A neighbour said the driver had his hand over his head, and blood dripping from his face.

While it is not known what caused the crash, one of the owners of the limo company said the driver had been off shift at the time. He's been suspended from working pending the outcome of the police investigation.

"He said, 'I went blind, I don't know what happened,'" North Star Limos owner Paul Brar told CTV.

"He was shocked. He got into an accident. That's all he told us."

A box of alcoholic beverages was visible through the limo's open door, and cans were strewn about the seating area along with an empty cognac bottle.

It is illegal for both drivers and passengers to drink alcohol in any motor vehicle in B.C., which North Star Limos notes on its website. It is not known if there were any passengers in the limo when it crashed.

Now, police are focusing on finding out what happened.

"We are going to be interviewing witnesses. We're looking for any video in the area and taking it from there to put everything together," MacDonald said.

The large family that lived in the house were woken up by the crash as the limo slammed into their home. They're shaken and did not want to be interviewed, but everyone is accounted for.

Harbir Grewal, who lives across the street, said the sound of the limo hitting the home was like a bomb. He said he ran over and saw people crying, and realized a woman downstairs was unable to get out.

He tried to kick the door down but was unable to get to her. Fortunately someone inside the house helped her get outside.

The house, however, has been rendered uninhabitable.

"They have to go through such a tough time now. I don't know… they could have to demolish the house… because it could have damaged the foundation," said a neighbour.

For now, the family is staying with relatives.

With a report from CTV Vancouver's Ben Miljure and Michele Brunoro