The Parole Board of Canada says one of the Bacon Brothers is back behind bars after breaching one of the conditions of his statutory release.

According to parole documents, Jarrod Bacon was released in June 2018, but tested positive for cocaine the following December in what the board called "a clear breach" of one of his release conditions.

"Before that event, the caseworkers had doubts about your sobriety," the board said, adding that "instead of seeking help, you took steps to actively hide your consumption to your (case management team)."

The parole board said the 36-year-old is considered a member of the Red Scorpions and Bacon Brothers organization—which has links to the Hells Angels—adding that his "reintegration potential is still considered low."

“In view of the clear breach of the special condition prohibiting you from using drugs, the high risk that you present to public safety, your considerable influence in the world of organized crime…your lack of transparency with your case management team, which makes community supervision ineffective, your less than stellar track record in honouring your legal commitments and the potential resumption of your offence cycle (cocaine use), your case management team assesses that no supervision program can adequately safeguard society against the risk that you represent,” the parole documents read.

The documents also outline a history of criminal activity since Bacon's criminal file was first opened in 2002, including drugs and weapons charges and violent behaviour towards other inmates while in prison.

In 2012, Bacon was sentenced to 12 years in prison minus the two years and 10 months he had already served for trying to smuggle 100 kilograms of cocaine into British Columbia.

According to parole documents, he was first released into a halfway house in March 2017, but found himself back behind bars after police found him seemingly high on cocaine at a strip club in September of the same year.

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