For the second time in as many days, two men have been injured in a shooting in Surrey.

A hospital was put on lockdown after the two men arrived at a hospital with gunshot-related injuries.

Surrey RCMP received reports of shots fired between two SUVs in the 18600 block of Highway 10, at about 10 p.m. Saturday night.

“We heard like popping noise. It sounded like firecrackers and my son came upstairs and said ‘That sounded like gunshots,’” said neighbour Christine Kupchyk.

Officers responded, but didn’t find anyone at the scene.

Two homes on a street adjacent to the highway were hit by the gunfire. Though nobody inside was hurt, one of the bullets went through the garage with a 50-year-old woman sitting just a few feet away.

“Everytime I talk about [the neighbourhood I say], ‘My area's good, my area’s good.’ But now I think [we’re] scared,” said neighbour Jasvir Bola.

Both police and residents are worried an innocent person will be caught in the crossfire.

“It's bound to happen if they start shooting through trees,” one neighbour said. “They don't know what they're shooting at.”

Police say the shooting does not appear random, but it’s too early to say if it’s linked to other recent shootings in the city.

On Friday night, two men were injured in an apparent drive-by shooting that left a home on 152 Street riddled with bullet holes.

On Monday, shots rang out on a restaurant patio, but no one was injured. There have been more than 30 shootings in Surrey since early March.

With a report from CTV Vancouver’s Michele Brunoro