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Hiker who was 'having difficulty holding on' rescued from cliff on North Shore mountain

Crews on the North Shore rescued a man who called 911 twice saying he was unsure how much longer he could hang on to a cliff Wednesday evening.

In a social media post, North Shore Rescue says a helicopter was sent to search a dangerous area of Mt. Fromme after dark following the initial 911 call from the distressed hiker.

"During this time the subject phoned 911 again and said he was having difficulty holding on," the post says.

Both the pilot and the hoist operators were equipped with night-vision goggles, which proved crucial in their success locating the man.

"His location was quickly spotted via night-vision goggles as he shined his phone flashlight at the machine," according to North Shore Rescue.

"Two night hoist trained techs were inserted via a 250-foot hoist through tall trees into steep terrain onto a bench about 30 feet from the subject."

Although the man was hoisted to safety, rescue crews describe the terrain as "extremely steep and dangerous," adding that the hiker was rescued from the exact location where someone "fell to his death" in 2021. Top Stories

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