VANCOUVER - Most preschoolers would rather watch cartoons, but not Noah.

The five-year-old Metro Vancouver boy is a big fan, interestingly, of television news, and has been since he was a toddler.

So Noah, and his younger sister McKenna, paid a visit to the CTV News studio Wednesday, and ran to anchor Mi-Jung Lee as soon as he saw her.

"Do you want to work with me?" she asked him.

"Uh, yeah," he said, matter of factly.

There was another host he wanted to meet, too.

"He calls his sister Ann Luu," his mother said, laughing.

He sat at the anchors' desk, checked out the cameras, played with the green screen and handed out high-fives to those behind the scenes – producers, writers, editors and digital reporters.

"This was fun," he told Last Word reporter Mike McCardell at the end of his adventure.

Watch Noah's tour on Thursday's segment of The Last Word.