VANCOUVER - Crews returned to the area where a tug boat sank in Howe Sound Tuesday to continue looking for spilled fuel and wildlife that might be affected.

Two Canadian Coast Guard vessels scoured the coastline for oil Friday as part of a shoreline cleanup assessment. Jeff Brady with the Coast Guard said the next step is to do a sonar scan to paint a picture of how the Sheena M is sitting on the bottom.

From there, Coast Guard crews will decide whether the tug needs to be re-surfaced and removed or whether it's safe to leave it there. They'll also need to see whether the tug is continuing to leak oil by monitoring it in the coming days.

Brady said there was about 10 litres of fuel on the water Friday.

"I couldn’t smell anything and could barely see the oil on water," he said.

Crews have also put protection booms around a nearby creek to prevent oil from spreading there.

The response team includes a representative from the Squamish Nation, personnel from Fisheries and Oceans Canada, a marine mammal specialist and people from Environment and Climate Change Canada and the Canadian Wildlife Service.