Mounties in Burnaby are warning car owners to check their wheels after getting two reports of lug nuts being loosened.

On Monday, RCMP first received a report from a driver that their wheel came off while on the road, which the driver believed was because their lug nuts had been loosened. Nobody was injured during the incident, which happened on June 11.

“It could have had some dire consequences,” said Cpl. Daniela Panesar of Burnaby RCMP.

Then, on Tuesday, Burnaby Mounties got another report from a driver who said their lug nuts had been loosened. The driver said they think the lug nuts were loosened between 4:30 and 5:10 p.m. the previous day, while the vehicle was parked on Brighton Avenue near Lougheed Highway.

Panesar says it’s unclear if the two mischief cases are linked.

“There is no indication why somebody would do this.”

Experts hope the incidents serve as a reminder of the importance of proper vehicle maintenance.

“Whenever you’re going into your vehicle it is important to do a brief look over to make sure the vehicle is in good condition to drive,” said Timothy Van Boven, a manager at Kal Tire.

He says even loose lug nuts can cause several hundred dollars in damage.

“If the wheel did come off it could be a lot more damage to the vehicle itself.”

Van Boven recommends that drivers purchase wheel locks or spline drive lug nuts to prevent wheels from being tampered with or stolen. Many newer vehicles already come with them and after-market kits cost no more than $60.

The RCMP is encouraging other potential tampering victims to come forward. They’re asking anyone who notices someone acting suspiciously around vehicles to contact them.