VICTORIA - Vancouver New Democrat Mable Elmore says she will refund $244 in food expense money she received last year while participating in a welfare food challenge that involved her living on $19 a week.

The Opposition Liberals released expense documents Wednesday that show Elmore received a meal subsidy for four days while she was in Victoria as the legislature was in session.

Elmore says she received a meal per diem payment of $61 a day for four days last November during the challenge, but she didn't spend the money on food.

She says she was living on boiled eggs and homemade bean casserole during the challenge.

Elmore says she was the only member of the B.C. legislature last year to participate in the 6th Annual Welfare Food Challenge that ran for seven days, starting November 1.

She says she and members of her staff did not notice the expenses were credited to her salary package, which includes expenses while in Victoria.